Wrestle Review: The Crazy week that was
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 11/02/2019 at 12:27 PM

Every once and awhile, there will be a pretty crazy week in the wrestling world. I'd say this one ranks up there in the top 10. It could be top 5 craziest in 2019.

You have new champions in every organization: From SCU upsetting the Lucha Brothers to become the inaugural tag team champions to The Fiend Bray Wyatt winning the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel to Sami Callahan dethroning Brian Cage in a cage for the Impact World Championship in their maiden voyage on AXS, it was a wild week in the ring. It was an equally wild week out of the ring,

The Jordan Myles stuff I understand. I understand about the t-shirt. It's lazy, racist garbage. Myles calls their hand and guess what, he'll probably be gone in the next few weeks. Sure, he won the NXT breakout tournament. That certainly doesn't matter to either side now. He's also run off at the mouth a bit. If he doesn't quit, he'll be "future endeavor'd soon, I bet".

NXT invading Smackdown last night was a precursor of some good things to come. My initial thought after Crown Jewel was "Fiend vs Beast at Survivor Series! Sign me up"! I want to see Lesnar F5 The Fiend and he just pop right up. So many fans would pop for that. I would. And now that Brock has gone to Raw to destroy Rey Mysterio, and Fiend on Smackdown, the titles switch and that match can happen.

I mentioned NXT invading Smackdown. They will obviously invade Raw Monday, wouldn't you say? And then, I figure Smackdown AND Raw will invade NXT some Wednesday night. And maybe Raw, Smackdown and NXT will visit AEW and...okay, that's not happening. Just kidding. Smackdown had a lot of NXT flair, obviously. With Tommasso Ciampa beating The Miz, Rea Ripley and Tegan Nox attacking Sasha and Bayley, Keith Lee and Matt Riddle taking out Sami Zayn, it was a wild night Friday.

Triple H basically setting the gauntlet for Survivor Series makes me wonder what we'll see. Champion vs Champion vs Champion? Traditional 5 on 5? I suspect both of those things. Riddle and Lee will helm team NXT and Sami Zayn will be on Team WWE I figure, based on last night.

Have I missed anything? I told you there was lots to cover. To say I can't wait to see what happens next week in the wrestling world is a massive understatement. What a time to be a wrestling fan!

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