Wrestle Review: Super Head Scratcher
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/07/2019 at 11:19 PM

I did not watch WWE's third foray to Saudi Arabia. This was not a political reason. I didn't watch because I wasn't home. I did, however, see the last two matches. It wasn't a main show. Being that it was an international special event, I'm not going to hold it to a SummerSlam or, as they took to foolishly building it, as big as or surpassing WrestleMania. I always scoffed in embarrassment when they had to say that.

I'm not sure why the Universal title match was the first of the show but that's ok. We all knew Seth was retaining and I'm cool with it. I know some have said that his title reign has bored them. Would you rather have Lesnar the part-timer again?

Balor retaining the I-C title against Andrade I'm also cool with. One thing I'm not cool with: Why in God's name would anyone think it was a good idea to have Shane McMahon beat Roman Reigns? Yes, I know that Drew helped. I know this is leading to Roman vs Drew at their next show. Honestly, though, we better not be heading towards WWE Champion Shane McMahon.

I'm just going to skip over Lars because, quite frankly, he bores me. Triple H and Orton is the first of these matches I saw live. Say what you want about these guys. Say what you want about WWE trotting out the older guys for shows instead of young talent. These two can tell a story so well. I liked Kofi retaining.

Mansoor won the 50-man battle royal. I had no idea who this guy was. He is from Jeddah so it was an obvious pick for him to win. As an old movie line goes: savor the flavor, kid, because it won't happen again.

The Undertaker's entrance was 5 minutes and 12 seconds. That's a long time for an entrance, don't you think? Anyway, the match itself was, how shall I put this, messy. The match was worse than Brothers of Destruction vs DX, if that gives you some insight. Let's just forget that match happened, shall we?

We did get a couple of (re)matches for Stomping Grounds. Dolph will get another shot at the WWE Championship against Kofi-this time in a cage. Corbin gets another shot at Seth also. Becky and Lacey get it on as well. I swear, they won't rest until they give Lacey Evans a championship. Back to Seth: remember when Heyman said Brock would cash in at Super Showdown? Well, you can't say he didn't try.

Jon Moxley winning his first post-WWE title didn't take too long He is now the IWGP United States Championship. Moxley's next high-profile match is against Joey Janela at Fyter Fest on June 29.

I'll end on this. It was announced earlier this week that Apple would be shutting down iTunes. Well, iTunes is how you pay for stuff you order off the Bleacher Report app i.e. AEW events among them. I'm not exactly sure when this goes into effect. I'm interested to see what takes iTunes' place and how it will affect future purchases. Time will tell.

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