The X-Factor: Who’s the real villain?
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 05/16/2019 at 08:00 PM

“No one ever thinks that they’re the evil one.” You Walking Dead fans know that line.

Having also seen the Cobra Kai series - i.e. the only reason anyone got YouTube Premium - it’s also occurred to me that people see themselves as the hero of their own story. Remind you of any villains lately?

Who is the real villain in WWE right now? Ask anybody and they’ll tell you “Vinnie Mac”. We’ve known this for years, and there’s periods where ‘these stars’ are let go, ‘this angle’ gets shot down or neglected, ‘this guy’ gets buried, and / or ‘this show’ sucked. Many of us continued to tune in while the talk died down. Lately, with these revelations about his behavior backstage and people wanting their release, it only serves to make him more unsavory.

Vince’s words towards Andrade were racist or a bad joke. Do I think he’s racist? I’m gonna say maybe, but it’s not like TNA, ROH, and WCW were tripping over themselves to crown more black world champions.

We know who he is. He’ll never change. I don’t want him to go away dead, just go away.

He’s not the only villain.

Those of you who actively count the days until Vince McMahon tosses Triple H the keys have sworn on their lives things will magically improve once that happens. Will they?

NXT is held up as the pinnacle of what great wrestling is, of what WWE should be. The ‘wrestling’ is top-notch but the last time I checked, Vince told Ted Turner he was “in the entertainment business”. Do you really think the NXT style would lead to 2000 ratings on the main product? The stars in Full Sail are called up and never quite reach their stride, with guys like Owens, Joe, Becky and Charlotte faring better than most.

You diehards look at Triple H like the glorious leader who will lead WWE back to Attitude Era highs. You’re even willing to look past all the damage he’s caused and still causing. Doing the job and putting them over are mutually exclusive when he’s involved. The bar in NXT was raised so high, maybe too high. The online complaining hasn’t been getting better. Great booking or not, he’s a politician of the highest magnitude. It’s more than likely he’s run NXT as he has to make Vince look bad, and it hasn’t stopped there.

OVW and FCW had the benefit of being in the shadows. NXT being showcased is doing more harm than good. Those fans need to let go of their conceit that a main eventer in Full Sail should be hot-shotted to the WWE title.

We want to be the hero of our own stories. The Game is no exception. You might think this is the rambling of a guy who hates Paul Levesque. He’s given people plenty of ammo to be sure. It’s not blind hate fellas.

What about the wifey? Smackdown was superior in the early days of the first brand split, but the man behind it - Paul Heyman - was let go. Who was behind it? Stephanie McMahon. Shall I remind you of The Authority, which included her hubby?

Don’t pretend you’re not the bad guys.

When I actually dared to defend Nikki and Brie Bella in an Opinion post, one guy said it was a joke. Another attacked me and anyone else who agreed with it.

Kevin Owens gets hurt, you can’t wait for him to wrestle again. If that were Roman Reigns, the FB comments would look very different.

Who did the fans take their frustrations out on over the years? You’ve known all this time where the buck stops in Stamford, but you didn’t care. For four years Roman took all the BS from the haters knowing who really runs the show. You didn’t care if he cut a great promo or wrestled a great match.

It took the word ‘leukemia’ for you to lay off. How many of you wished death upon him?

What about creative? You think they were happy to hear fans laying into them for the lousy storylines they were trying to avoid? If the play-by-play is bad, blame the boss.

How long before people move on? Will they?

What we need is another Monday Night War.

Don’t mess with the X.

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