Details on why Samoa Joe's return has been delayed
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 02/28/2021 at 02:44 PM

Samoa Joe recently did an interview with and talked about what has been holding up his return to the ring:

I think right now, weve learned a lot medically about concussions and recovery and were taking the safest and the best approach and I appreciate it. WWE medical, theyve been great and understanding and wonderful. So I think at this time were just taking the best course of action and obviously some things have been delayed just because of the pandemic and medical availability and liability of being in places and traveling to get evaluations and stuff. So, I mean, theres been some technical holdups as well as just a very careful approach to my return and recovery and I appreciate it. And Im all aboard, you know? I would rather take this time and miss a large considerable amount of time than potentially this getting more serious. It took (WWE) a lot to talk me down. But after seeing medically, you know, what Ive seen, I agree with them. And were just taking our time with it and trying to do right.

The understanding (of concussions) has evolved so much in 10 years. Even now, the protocol is constantly being tweaked with the newest information. Obviously this is an issue across many sports and many sports across the board are working together to find the best solution. Theres technology and science involved and because of that, hopefully were dealing with this situation better than we have in the past. But I am my own worst enemy in this aspect, where I just want to shake it off. I have people that depend on me and you see these other things that could happen. I had to realize that I have to start listening because I have to honor these responsibilities to people, both professionally, personally, everybody. Its very, very difficult when you come from a state of always wanting to charge forward, wanting to go harder and fight through. And this series were doing now preaches those very qualities of understanding when its time to take care of yourself.

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