Velvet Sky speaks her mind about Dixie Carter
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 02/24/2021 at 08:14 AM

During The Beautiful Podcast, Velvet Sky talked to Angelina Love about working with former Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter:

"Thereís this huge misconception of her that sheís so sweet. Iím not hating on her because people are like, ĎWell, if it wasnít for her, there would be no TNA.í Yea, good, she served her purpose. She was the money person and I give her props for that. But, the way she treated people, Iím sorry. Iím real. I see through the bulls**t. Iím not an a*s kisser. There were a lot of people in the company, male and female, that did kiss her a*s. I was not one of them. You were not one of them. I did not give a f**k if she liked me or not. I was contracted under Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett signed my contract, not Dixie Carter. I donít have to do s**t to appease her. I wasnít a b**ch to her. I didnít go out of my way to be a b**ch to her. If we were face to face it would be like, ĎYes, hello. How are you?í, out of respect because Iím not a disrespectful person. She was just vile, thatís all." (quote courtesy of

Velvet Sky has been vocal about Carter in the past and responded to a tweet from Dave Meltzer in 2018 regarding Vince Russo's role in Spike TV canceling Impact:

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