Lana thinks her and Lashley 'broke the internet' last year
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 02/20/2021 at 10:25 PM

WWE star Lana recently did an interview with and talked about her storyline with Bobby Lashley from last year:

ďI think we broke the internet and cracked mainstream media. A bigger thing that I think is very important to have on WWE television, and I know a lot of people might disagree with me, is I do think itís important to have romantic angle, relationship angles, soap opera angles. We have so much WWE programming every week. What is it, nearly 10 hours of network television? It canít all be for the title. It canít just be about being an in-ring competitor, itís got to be about relationships stuff as well. And women, if we want women to watch, thatís what we need. Drew McIntyre was telling me how much his wife loved it. He said Ďshe doesnít watch me but she watches you guys!í I just thought that was so funny because I identified with that.ďLike the show I watch on television are like Grays Anatomy, Scandal. You know, all those soap opera, relationship/drama stuff. Iím always excited to do those stories because I love those stories, I love watching them. I think they reach women and little girls, itís really important to have that. Every time Iíve done a relationship story, they light up conversation. If it was the Dolph Ziggler story, Roman Reigns interrupting mine and Rusevís wedding, Liv at my second wedding Ė people have a lot to say about it! So Iím grateful I got that opportunity with Bobby. It came with a lot of sacrifices, a lot of cyberbullying, but I knew my role and I wanted to be the best villain out there.Ē

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