Update on D-Von Dudley suffering a stroke
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 02/18/2021 at 10:41 PM

During his latest Table Talk, D-Von Dudley provided more details regarding a stroke that he recently suffered:

“I had a stroke. It could have been really bad. By the grace of God, they got it in time. There’s no ill effects from the stroke. I’m healing up extremely well. I’m back on the show. Hopefully, I can return back as a producer in WWE soon. I want to say thank you to everybody. It happened November 13th. I’m good now… When the stroke happened, I was embarrassed that this could happen to me… She (his wife) was the one who made the phone call for me.”

“I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t feel my legs… They called the ambulance and took me in. I had a stroke and I was bleeding internally as well, so they had to stop that. They put a stent in my right side. They ran it up to my brain because I had to have brain surgery, so instead of cutting me up, they ran it right up to the brain to break up the blood clot. I’m here. I’m doing physical therapy. That’s working great now. They have me on all sorts of medicines and I’m doing what I’m supposed to do to stay healthy. John Laurinaitis has called and really has been monitoring me, making sure I’m getting the right care and everything.”

“Vince called and he wanted to make sure I was ok. Here’s why I like Stephanie McMahon so much. When the stroke happened, she called my wife and then she called me and left a message and she said, ‘I know you’re going to beat this. I know you are going to do well, but I want to hear it from you, so I will call you back because I want to hear you tell me you’re going to be ok.’ Sure enough, she called me back and I couldn’t answer. I called her back and she said, ‘It’s so great to hear your voice.’”

“That was the most loving thing I think I ever received from somebody who doesn’t have to care for me like that.’ The WWE, I will say, they will call. They will make sure they’re there. They have been there for me and they’ve done it for me. So, I could never, ever, say anything bad about WWE. They’ve taken care of me in ways I never thought they would and they did. So, thank you for everything you’ve done for me during this time.”
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