Ric Flair addresses online criticism that Charlotte gets
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In an interview with, Ric Flair commented on the online criticism that his daughter Charlotte receives:

“I’m not so much bothered by it. I just laugh at it. It’s really sad the impact that social media can have on people. She’s got thick skin. Wrestling is the only sport where somebody can’t be the best. If they can argue on TV who is better — Aaron Rodgers or Mahomes, right? Or they can argue who is better — Justin Thomas or Tiger Woods, right? In other words, there’s someone that’s the best in everything, right? Of course there is. She’s the best. That’s tough to argue about. What do you want to argue about? Who’s the better athlete? Who played Division I sports? Who was an All-American in high school? What’s there to argue about? When she walked out the door at TLC, what did you think? That’s star-power.”

“She’s the best woman on the roster, but she’s the best woman of all time. I’ve been in the business 49 years. Give me an example of who you think is better. You can’t. I love Trish [Stratus], I love Lita. But I can walk into a room and say my daughter is the best. We can sit and debate it. I’ll have that debate just like you, and I can have the debate about Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.”

Ric Flair talks daughter Charlotte being best of all time ahead of 'Legends Night' appearance on WWE Raw

Ric Flair has never shied from the spotlight -- nor from acknowledging his status as a legend in the pro wrestling game. Flair will participate in Monday night's "Legends Night" episode of Raw, appearing alongside fellow WWE legends such as Hulk Hogan, Booker T and Mark Henry.

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