JR addresses rumor about Vince McMahon's health
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During the Q&A portion of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross addressed a claim by former WWE star Ryback that Vince McMahon's health "isn't great" by stating the following:

ďWell, heís not a spring chicken like the rest of us in that generation. We all have to face the fact that weíre mortal and aging affects people differently. You know that thing about Vince and his age, heís still working like he was 25 years old. He doesnít stop. He only works in days ending in Y and has no time limits, thereís no requirements [that say] I gotta get this done between 9 and 5. So you wonder sometimes how intense he is and as busy as he is and the responsibilities that he has running a massive publicly traded company if itís getting to be too much. I donít know the answer to that question. Iím a lot more concerned about his health than him being able to run the company but he will run the company until they bury him. I donít think he will ever sell the company. I donít think he will ever slow down to any large degree. Thatís just not in his make up and if he did, he would not be happy. I fully believe that people should all strive to find their happy spot or happy place if you will. His happy place was working, itís always been that way. I think thatís one of the things that made the company so successfulÖnobody in WWE has ever worked as hard as the owner.Ē

ďThe only thing Iím concerned about is Vinceís health. I only wish him the best, he helped me a lot along the way. You wonder sometimes are you doing what needs to be done or are you doing what youíre forcing yourself to do. Itís almost like an obsession with him to work.Ē
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