Lance Storm pitches an idea for WWE's use of talent
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During an appearance on Wrestling Observer Live, former WWE star Lance Storm pitched an idea for the company's use of talent:

I think it would be phenomenal if they only used people 9 months out of the year so they got a few months off. That way when you use someone, and I think the really key point is that if makes wins and losses matter more. That you build Kevin Owens up for 6 months and he had the big feud with Roman Reigns and Roman won, thats when I would have Kevin Owens disappear for a couple of months because you dont want that if he loses then Kevin Owens has to go down [the card] and he loses his star power, so you could have him disappear and then he comes back and its fresh and exciting and everybody pops like oh man Kevin Owens is back!'

I think rotating guys in and out would be better, because that to me again was the highlight of whether it be the Monday Night Wars, or even eariler than that; because when Flair came to WWF it was a big deal with that run, but when his run was over as Champ they were going to move him down the card, so he just went back to WCW.
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