Ex-WCW star wants to know Brodie Lee's cause of death
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 01/03/2021 at 07:06 PM

During his recent podcast, Konnan along with Disco Inferno and Joseph Feeney discussed Dave Meltzer of's recent report about Jon Huber's health decline. Here is an excerpt of the conversation courtesy of

Disco: "Hold on, whatís the cause of death then?"

Joseph Feeney: "Non-COVID related lung issue."

Disco: "Just give us the cause of death! The guy died in the wrestling business at a very young age."

Konnan: "So how did [Bruce] Mitchell get heat? I donít exactly understand."

Feeney: "Mitchell basically got heat for saying in his article that this Ďlooks like COVID, sounds like COVID, smells like COVID Ė if itís COVID and theyíre hiding it from us, itís a big problem, so they should release the cause of death.í"

Disco: "Right, what [Mitchell] was saying was not unreasonable. They arenít being fully transparent because we donít know what the cause of death is yet. Itís very weird that the guy had the typical symptoms that you see from COVID, and itís like, ĎOK itís not that but we donít know what it is.í My general curiosity is gonna press you until we find out what exactly happened."
(comments about Brodie Lee start around 23:00 in the embedded podcast below)

While not mentioning Disco Inferno by name, T-Bar of Retribution wrote the following on Twitter:

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