The Undertaker talks about his issue with cinematic matches
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 11/12/2020 at 02:05 PM

During an interview with, The Undertaker talked about his issue with cinematic matches:

ďIt really doesnít appeal to me because basically what it is, is working around my limitations,. Itís capitalizing on some of my ability and some of my creative ability to tell a story but basically itís trying to mask some of the lack of my physical abilities at this point.Ē

ďI realized I have taken every physical gift, tool that I have and have used it up. Thereís no water left in the sponge, if I can use that analogy. Iíve rung everything I could get out of that sponge.Ē

ďItís like, are you training? Thatís the question I get, Ďare you training? Well yeah, Iím training. ĎYeah, you training?í Iím not training that way. Iím not training to get ready for a match. Iím just working out. Iím just training trying to stay healthy.Ē

Undertaker reflects on retirement, WWE career before Survivor Series farewell

It's the question everyone asks of The Undertaker this time of year. The answer is just different this time. "It's like, are you training? That's the question I get, 'are you training?" The Undertaker said in a Zoom interview with The Post. "Well yeah, I'm training. 'Yeah, you training?'

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