Booker T explains why he said he doesn't like Sasha Banks
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 10/27/2020 at 12:47 PM

During the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff show, Booker T said he wanted Bayley to win because he doesn't like Sasha Banks.

Booker T explained his comments during his podcast:

ďLook man, I donít care what people think and what they say about me. Thatís my opinion if I like someone or I donít like them. What if I say I donít like Sami Zayn? Are they going to blow up the internet? What if I say I donít like Bayley? Are they going to blow up the internet? What if I say I donít like you? Are they going to blow up the internet? I mean guys, relax more than anything. Sasha Banks and I is something that her and I have to hash out. This is between us. Itís not between anybody else except Sasha Banks and myself. She said she is a 5-time champ. Great. She is a grand slam champ as well. I give her props. I gave her a test on Talking Smack and she passed. I asked her ĎWhere does she think she ranks as far as females of all time?í She gave the right answer. She said she is #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 of all time. I could appreciate that. But Sasha Banks, she rubs me the wrong way a little bit, It could be her attitude. The thing is, Iím sure you people out there who perhaps made those comments, Iím sure someone that youíve met rubs you the wrong way and perhaps is not your favorite person. I did not say I hate her. I said I did not like Sasha. That could mean a lot of things. My thing is this. Sasha Banks and I, thatís between us. Stay in your lane and trust me, you will do a whole lot better for yourself. You donít want to cross in my lane.Ē (quote courtesy of

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