Braun Strowman says he will never wrestle outside of WWE
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 10/26/2020 at 09:39 PM

Braun Strowman appeared on Lilian Garcia's podcast and said the following about his WWE career:

"Iíve said it time and time again: the day I take my wrestling boots off for WWE is the day I stop wrestling. I will not wrestle for anyone else. Iíve been given an opportunity from Vince McMahon and from WWE at life that I would have never gotten [anywhere else]. I told him a long time ago, the day I take my boots off from you, Iím done. And I mean that."

Strowman also talked about being standoffish at times:

"Iíve had many conversations with Vince about working on my diplomatic skills and how I just canít bully my way through life on stuff, which has worked. Itís not that Iím a bully, but when I get my mindset on something, Iím stubborn about it. So, itís also learning the aspect of sticking to your guns. But not offending anyone or coming off too standoffish. So, itís learning all this stuff throughout the last year and a half that has helped me grow into this position that I believe they want me to be in. At the end of the day, thereís only a handful of guys that they stick into these positions to do this stuff. And itís for a reason because itís hard. Itís been a huge learning experience and growing experience for not only Braun Strowman as a character, but Adam Scherr [as] a man in real life." (quotes courtesy of

Click here for the interview which is available on the free version of the WWE Network.

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