Jericho talks about how he helped build AEW
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In an interview with, Chris Jericho talked about AEW Dynamite's one-year anniversary and how he helped build the company:

“I’m a big part of the success of this company and I feel like it’s my company as a result, I’m not working for a machine,” Jericho said. “I loved working for WWE, but I feel like I am AEW. When we first started it rested on my shoulders in a lot of ways, and thankfully we did what we were supposed to do and it rests on a lot of people’s shoulders. That original task was mine and mine alone, I was kind of the flag bearer for the company so it’s been very cool to see the success.”

“Even if just by proxy, look at all of the talent I’ve helped build, starting with the Inner Circle, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Jon Moxley,” Jericho said. “Moxley wasn’t what he is now when he was in WWE. He paled in comparison. Even Cody, look at how great Cody is. He was never given that chance or it was never planned out for him. It’s one of those things where you have a lot of people on the roster and we are all there for the same reason — to get everybody over and have the best and most successful company we can by working together.”

How Chris Jericho helped AEW shine in its first year on TV

Chris Jericho has been a mainstay in professional wrestling for the past three decades, performing for myriad companies and in countless cities and countries across the globe. Over the past two years, however - just under 7 percent of the time he has been in the industry - Jericho has been one of the faces of All Elite Wrestling, the latest promotion to take aim at Vince McMahon's WWE conglomerate.

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