Fans concerned about Scott Hall's well-being
Submitted by Aaron T-Bar Rift on 10/11/2020 at 11:17 AM

Scott Hall participated in a virtual meet and greet on Saturday night but the session was ended early due to Hall's condition. Fans noted that Hall was slurring his speech and appeared to be under the influence.

Dark Parlor Originals, which hosted the event, addressed the concern from fans about Hall's well-being:

"Good Morning Guys! I know a lot of people are asking for updates from last nights signing. First, I want that thank everyone who reached out to check on us and to see how we are doing, having that support right now is tremendous and greatly appreciated.

- Scott is back home and is doing ok. I refuse to go into detail about exactly whatís going on or what happened to Scott. His health and safety is top priority and Iím not going to share personal details or information, that is not my business to discuss. I can discuss our business and how it relates to DPO.

- After we ended the signing, we did get some items signed but not everything was signed. We had a ton of items to get through, easily a couple of hundred and there was just no way we could get it done.

- For the most part, everything that was signed looks good. There are a few signatures that are not going to pass so we will discuss with those customers our options, one on one.

- If your item was not signed, you will be issued a full refund and we will ship the item back to you. If you would prefer a store credit, please email me with your order number and Iíll be happy to do that instead. If I donít hear from you, I will assume you would like a refund and that will be provided. Please do not email me if you want a refund, there is no need to send me a message and I donít want my inbox to get flooded with requests. No email means you want a refund.

- We are canceling the signing and will not attempt to get these items signed again.

This is the first time Iíve ever had to deal with a situation like this. Having never been through something like this, we were making decisions on the fly and I hope we made the right ones. I have learned a lot from this experience and now that itís over and Iím looking back on it, I would have likely made a few decisions differently. We handled it the best we could in the moment.

Before we went live, we were assured that Scott was ok and ready to go live. He wanted to interact with his fans and encouraged it. I trusted him and thought we made the right call, as soon we went live, he changed and acted differently. He was not acting the way he was on camera, before the stream. If he acted the way he did on the live video, we would not have gone live in the first place. We ended the feed soon after and everything has been deleted. Our intention was never to put Scott in a bad spot or in a negative situation to make him look bad.

We are traveling back home today from Atlanta so I will be on the road most of the day. All of your items are packed up and safe and not available for pictures. I canít tell you off the top of my head what items have been signed and which items havenít. I donít have photos of the items to share with you at the moment. Please give me the day to get home and tomorrow we will start going through everything. The majority of the items were not signed so you can assume your item wasnít autographed.

Thank you again for your understanding and support as we deal with this issue. We will get everything out to you as soon as we can."

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