Booker T reveals that he tested positive for Covid-19
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/15/2020 at 08:31 AM

During his recent podcast, Booker T revealed that he tested positive for Covid-19:

ďI got a call today from the CDC and they told me I have tested positive for the Coronavirus back at the end of June. I never got my result back. But they called me, rest assured, today, to tell me that back at the end of June when I got tested that I tested positive. Iíve had three tests since then and they all came back negative. It just goes to show you how bad that we really are with this system that we are working with. People are finding out if they have this or they donít. Iím living proof, thank God that Iím still here.

I have a healthy immune system and God spared me on this one, but I could have been one of the nearly 200,000 that didnít know I had this and I was gone on my way to the next life. But, itís bigger than that. I know what I went through for a couple weeks. I had headaches. I had night sweats. I lost my taste and smell for 2 weeks. Thank God, I was smart enough to quarantine from the family. I stayed away from everyone. I put myself off in the west wing. I stayed there for a couple weeks until I started feeling better until everything started subsiding. Even my taste, I waited until that started to come back a little bit before I started mingling with the family.

Thank God I did because I could be like the Rock as far as the whole family coming down with something like this. I have my mother in law with us and thatís something thatís so serious. I want you to be careful with this. Thank God Iím working for a company thatís testing me on a regular basis. Guys, take this stuff seriously. I never got that test back. I remember I was doing Backstage when we were doing a rehearsal. I told the guys that Iím sorry but my head is banging so bad. I thought I had a migraine. I said can I get with you guys later and Iíll be ready for the show. They said we can give you the night off. I said, no, Iíll be ready to go. For me to take a night off and say I canít go, thatís a rarity. In the wrestling business, you canít call in sick. Iíve never once called from home and said guys, Iím not going to be able to get on the flight today. Thatís never happened in my whole wrestling career and to this day thatís never happened. I would get there and they may see how bad Iím feeling and then they would say I need to go home. But, Iím going to make that travel. Iím going to make that date.

When you and I didnít do the show because I was feeling bad, I was feeling really bad. Thatís why I tell people that they are testing themselves and saying, man, I want to see what itís like. I want to go on the Coronavirus ride and it canít be that bad, trust me, it can be and it could be worse than what I was going through. The night sweats, waking up with my shirt and my shirt would go from grey to black because the sweat was bad. I would have to wipe myself down. I wasnít as afraid perhaps as much as I should have been because I never got the test back. I thought I had the flu.Ē
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