WWE legend expresses concern about Matt Hardy
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/12/2020 at 04:31 PM

During his recent pocast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T expressed concern about Matt Hardy's well-being after the incident with Hardy at the AEW All Out PPV:

ďYou have to understand when you are doing this stuff, itís as serious as it possibly can be. Itís not a game or anything like that. Iím going to tell you, youíre putting your life on the line every time you go out and do this stuff. We are talking about Matt Hardy. He is 45 years old. You donít see Chris Jericho jumping off anything. I think that kind of stuff is well past Matt Hardyís capabilities. Not that he canít go out there and do it. But, you have to understand there is going to be a price to pay at 45 doing that kind of stuff as opposed to doing it at 25 or 35. The reason I say that and Iím not knocking Matt Hardy or anything like that, Iím saying it from experience. When I was 25-35, I could do that missile dropkick and I didnít care how high I would jump. I used to try to jump through the roof when I did that missile dropkick and I would always land on my chest. I could get up like it was nothing. As I got older, that landing got harder and harder to the point where I threw that old dropkick out of my repertoire because the landing hurt so bad. It wasnít anything more than adrenaline. It was nothing more than being young and vibrant and pain came along with the territory. But at 45, when you start to lose a step, trust me, if we watch the Hardyís match vs The Dudleys and do the TLC all over again today, it would probably look like that last MMA debacle between Chuck and Tito. It would not look anywhere near what it looked like when we first saw the TLC match when Matt Hardy gracefully dove off the top through the ladder. If those guys do that kind of stuff right now, trust me, they are not going to get up. Bodies just canít take it and that is where Matt Hardy is right now in his career and he needs to rethink ever doing any spots like that ever again. Like I said, Matt Hardy is a friend of mine. Heís a good friend of mine and Iím saying itís not good for your health at 45 years old to be going out there and trying to pull off those stunts.Ē (quote courtesy of

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