Ex-WWE writer critical of Paul Heyman's Smackdown promo
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/12/2020 at 02:59 PM

During his recent podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo was critical of Paul Heyman's promo on Smackdown with Roman Reigns from last week:

“I caught up with Smackdown over the weekend and there’s nothing to talk about at all. I swear to God I wanted to put my head through a wall with Paul Heyman’s promo on SmackDown” Russo continued. “This is wrestling, the guy’s carrying on like he’s in some kind of Shakespearean act with his pauses, his facials and his hands.”

Vince Russo would then make a direct attack at Heyman, saying the he ‘can’t stand’ seeing him on WWE programming. Although Heyman’s work is widely praised by fans and critics alike, Russo believes that Heyman has cut the ‘same’ promo for the past 30 years and is stale.”

“Paul, it’s freaking wrestling bro! You’ve cut the same promo for 30 freaking years now. I’m just gonna say this, I can’t stand hearing you. I can’t stand listening to you. I can’t stand looking at you. You’re carrying on in a wrestling promo like it’s freakin Glengarry Glen Ross bro.”
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