Miro talks about his AEW debut during post-show video
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Miro published a video after his AEW debut on Dynamite and talked about joining the company:

"The feeling is great, and I really, really felt great. I feel, through the whole day, just my feelings. Like, I was trying keep myself numb for the past two or three days. And by that I mean I was just trying to tune out of old emotions and everything that is going by. I think it was the last two days that really got to me. It got me really, really excited. The closer it got, the more excited I got. And I just ó all day, just going back and forth, back and forth just thinking, ĎWhat should I say?í And then itís like, not just ĎWhat should I say,í but the things that I say, I felt all those things. And I do feel all those things still. Thatís why I believe this is not just a promo per se, but those were are my actual feelings. I do feel that I am the best, and I do feel the thing I said about the brass ring.

Iím super excited, AEW. Thereís been about 95,000 people here that Iíve never worked with Ö But theyíre all super-nice, though. Everyone is so nice here, everybodyís so receptive. Kip, man, Kip is great. Kip and Penelope, congratulations for their wedding. Since Iím going to be the best man, clearly itís going to be the best wedding ever. And if you know me, you know I know a thing or two about weddings. Youíve seen me have about only four of them, and thatís only the ones that you know. No man, but Iím super excited about everything, Iím stoked.

Walking out, I felt goosebumps. I see Billy Gunn in the crowd, and see all these people. Billy Gunn was my trainer before. Knowing that heís here, and he was so happy, man. Just seeing his smile and everybody elseís, and the crowd. Because yes, in AEW we do have crowds Ö and itís just a fantastic feeling being in front of people.

You know I love my video games and and I love Twitch. And I will keep doing Twitch all the time. But wrestling is my love, man. I came to this country, to the United States of America to be a professional wrestler. And now Iím in the best pro wrestling promotion. And thatís all Elite Wrestling, man."
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