Marty Jannetty talks about race issues
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/07/2020 at 04:59 PM

Former WWE star Marty Jannetty returned to Facebook after taking a brief hiatus and talked about race issues in a series of posts:

"THIS IS WHY I STAY IN TROUBLE, cause I speak real talk and that doesn't fit in today's slanted social media world..but I'm gonna say it if I feel its real, like right now..

I'm ALL FOR white people understanding that black people have to grow up differently because of color, I know it, I see it since a kid..hell most of my friends are black and I have a lot of black girlfriends..but f*ck, my black brothers and sisters gotta realize too..we(white people) act different over seeing black people because of a few who rape, rob, pillage and kill us, and yet you only make up 15% of the American ain't that we don't love y'all, its we're scared of what you might do to us(and the ones who ain't scared of ya, get labeled racist)..and yes, its just a few, that spoil the whole damn bunch..but please explain to me how we can tell, you AIN'T one of the few???

PS- YES, BLACK LIVES MATTER and I respect and support that(even though its a democratic owned movement) but to my tons of black friends..TRUTH MATTERS TOO!!"

"Running off my last post, some of my black friends are yelling at me...y'all can recognize this(and know, I at mad atcha, I still loves ya, even when you're wrong>>

Shaquille O'Neal once told me.."MJ, IT AINT ABOUT BLACK OR WHITE, IT'S ABOUT WRONG OR RIGHT"..loves that brother!!!"

"Here's what's up...

All my main black sport stars have said...MJ...Work with yo people(I guess he meant y'all)..let them know, we as an American society got's to come together and peacefully talk on race issues..

Well, I loves my Shannon Sharpe so I said..gladly!! Tried a little this didn't go so fact, I copied my response to a belittlment I received from some lil young beautiful black girls who, um, don't wanna hear the white side..won't say they names..but here is my response, the YOU TOO, tell me, what I'm missing in understanding..I'm wide open to learn..

Naw Jeany, not what I was saying but let me ax you this..if you walkin down a scary lonely dark street one night, which gonna throw you on RED ALERT the most..a black man, or white?

Y'all ain't feelin me yo..I'm white..most my white ass friends(including gf's) are black..I was a poor white boy, grew up in what they call, "projects" or, urban housing..means you were living off government help..

Now check this though, we grew up with black, my first best friend at 5 yrs old was John Chapman a black this day, loves and misses him..

But, we was white..white people hated us cause we were white living amongst black..they called us "white trash"

Black, understandably, didn't like us cause we were tell me, how do you NOT see I'm on team..

BUT..its race issues going on right now BIGTIME..I'm seeing on all my sports shows, black wants to let white know what horribleness(if that's a word,lol) it's like growing up black in America..

Now, maybe it's only me, but I ALREADY KNOW..I've seen the different treatment..BUT cause of my love for ALL sides..I want to help bridge us together..what a white people are calling me "n*gger lover"..and my black friends, because I'm trying to help at least a tiny bit, yell at me saying, "f*ck you white boy, you a damn racist JUST LIKE THEM"

So, my question to ALL OF YOU is..why try? But I try tho..stupid me..and not sure I will keep trying, but I've not yet gave up..that's why I made it pretty far as a pro athlete and sports entertainer with WWE..I think I'll keep trying
Can y'all help me though..stop talking me down, for TRYING to bridge us together..and explain to me what I'm missing in understanding all this???

Loves ya"

These were Jannetty's first posts since he wrote about making a man "disappear" when he was 13 years old.

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