Update regarding AOP being released from WWE
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/06/2020 at 02:50 PM

Dave Meltzer of discussed AOP's release from WWE on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Big surprise. Nobody saw that one coming. Rezar was just cleared, he tore his biceps. And as soon as he was cleared he was cut. The only thing I had heard, and I’d written this about almost like a week ago because he had just gotten cleared, and the idea was that he was not going to be back with Seth Rollins, which was their original role. But they didn’t know where they would be. Just surprises me. I mean they’re both in their 20s, I think 26 and 27, they’re both shooters which the company likes. They’re both big guys who are agile, who can bump. I mean they’re not the greatest by any means. When Paul Heyman was there Paul Heyman wanted to make them his Road Warriors. And Levesque (Triple H) did too because he even brought in Ellering for them, they were total Road Warrior ripoffs. So it’s interesting that those two wanted to make them into Road Warriors and then Vince just decided that… whatever. Everybody was high on them, it surprised me. But again, it’s Vince. I don’t know what happened, maybe Vince just thought they get hurt too often.” (quote courtesy of

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