All Out 2020 results: Moxley vs. MJF
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/05/2020 at 11:27 PM

Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF (with Wardlow) for the AEW World Title

- An excited fan tried to mob Jon Moxley during his entrance and security had to pull him away.

- MJF had MJF2020 on his tights. MJF tried to keep the match mat-based in the ring and avoid fighting on the outside. Wardlow distracted Moxley and MJF dropped Moxley's arm onto the apron. Wardlow threw Moxley into the ring when the referee wasn't looking.

- MJF made the mistake of going to the outside and Moxley was able to make a comeback by sending MJF into the ring post. MJF got busted open and Moxley tried to pop his shoulder back into place.

- The match went back and forth with the two trading blows. MJF ended up spitting in Moxley's face and an angry Moxley was tempted to hit the Paradigm Shift. MJF put an armbar on but Moxley got his foot on the rope.

- MJF hit the heatseeker DDT but Moxley kicked out. Moxley hit an air raid crash but MJF kicked out at the last moment.

- The two traded blows again. MJF pulled the referee in front of him and then MJF poked Moxley in the eye when the referee wasn't looking. MJF then hit a lowblow when the referee wasn't looking and got a nearfall. MJF hit Cross Roads but Moxley still kicked out.

- Wardlow threw the Dynamite Diamond in the ring but Moxley hit the Shift while the referee wasn't looking and won the match to retain the title.

- Lance Archer and Jake Roberts were seen staring at Moxley in the crowd. Moxley said to the camera that nobody can touch him in this sport.

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