All Out 2020 results: Omega/Page vs. FTR
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 09/05/2020 at 10:24 PM

Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) (with Tully Blanchard) for the AEW Tag Team Titles

- Omega was going to start the match but Page wanted to start. Wheeler wanted a handshake but Page went after him instead.

- FTR worked over Page. FTR attempted to bend the rules but the referee called them. Page had the match won with a small package but the referee didn't see it.

- Omega tagged in and the champions began to work together and built momentum. Wheeler distracted the referee which allowed FTR to regain control. FTR hit a superplex/splash combo for a nearfall on Omega.

- Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98 onto Harwood for a nearfall. Harwood put on an inverted figure 4 and used the rope for leverage. Omega got out of the hold but FTR continued to work over his bad knee.

- Page finally got the tag and did a swanton to the outside onto FTR.

- Back in the ring, FTR hit dueling top rope headbutts to Page but Omega made the save.

- Omega and Page went for the V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat combo but Omega accidentally hit Page. FTR hit the spike piledriver but Page kicked out. FTR hit another one, and with Omega unable to make the save due to his bad knee, scored the victory to win the tag team titles.

- After the match, Omega grabbed a table and teased using it but dropped it. Page collapsed but Omega didn't catch him and walked away. Backstage, Omega told the Young Bucks he was done and walked outside. The Bucks tried to calm him down as he gave them an ultimatum and left in a waiting car.

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