Triple H teases Adam Cole vs. Pat McAfee for Takeover 30
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 08/06/2020 at 12:24 PM

During an appearance on ESPNís Get Up, Triple H brought up the incident between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee on this week's WWE NXT episode:

"Adam Cole and Pat McAfee have had a history here, and thereís one thing about Pat McAfee that I think everybody should understand. I didnít know this until after weíd been around him, but Pat grew up dreaming of being a WWE superstar. It is everything he thought he would ever be when he was a kid. He ended up in the NFL. He ended up probably one of the most successful and toughest kickers in the league ever, but his dream was always to be in WWE.

Years ago we met and he became a commentator for us, very opinionated. But as you know, and youíve seen it Patís entire career in the NFL, the spotlight is really what he craves. Being famous. Itís all about Pat McAfee. Itís been that way when he was on a team. It wasnít about the team, it was about Pat. It was about things like this Ė jumping off of a pier into three foot water so his name would trend.

He is a gloryhound. He is somebody that craves the spotlight. And thatís a good thing, but in this situation, Pat is craving the spotlight in the WWE and NXT and he is doing it by going after Adam Cole because got Adam to bite on some comments and now he is in his head. This is where it becomes interesting. Pat McAfee wants to be famous. He wants his name in lights, he wants it to trend on social media.

Iím the guy that can make his dream come true. So Pat, nowís your opportunity. You wanna be famous? Just so happens, coincidentally, as things happen in the WWE and NXT, we have a big TakeOver PPV in a few weeks. August 22, NXT Takeover XXX. My call out to Pat McAfee is put your money where your mouth is. Letís see how bad you are. Pat McAfee vs. Adam Cole on that stage.

Massive match. Letís see what you got, Pat. You think youíre a tough guy? Thereís gonna be no pads, thereís gonna be nobody kicking a ball. Itís just gonna be two guys, one on one, going at it, and my best is that while Pat can run his mouth well and Iím sure heís a tough guy, that he walks out with Adam Coleís boot sticking out of his butt."
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