MVP addresses rumors about a new Nation of Domination
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/31/2020 at 11:47 AM

During an appearance on the Say Less with Kaz And Lowkey podcast, MVP was asked about the Nation of Domination rumors and if that is the storyline direction in WWE:

No, no, short answer is no, because Ive been hearing the chatter and Ive been seeing that and I dont wanna do the new anything. The Nation was done, it was awesome in the time that it was done. It was needed, stars were made. I dont wanna rehash something else, I wanna bring something new, and I dont necessarily, in our approach to The Hurt Business, me and Bobby, as you know are legitimate friends away from wrestling. We boys. Shelton is one of my closest friends. I just like making money with my friends, you know what Im saying? And I see young, talented guys I asked to worked with Apollo. I said, Give me him, let me work with him. I know we can get it out of him. Hes got it, hes tremendously talented. He just needs a little coaxing, he just needs a little help, some understanding and me and Apollo, well work on things together, well have conversations before certain segments and hes coachable. Thats why hes been successful. Now Ive always wanted to work with Ricochet. Ricochet has been one of my favorite dudes for years. I used to tell him, If you could talk like you wrestle, youd be a millionaire. I used to tell him that all the time and now, unfortunately I also tell him all the time now, At this stage of my career, I cant have the kind of match that Id like to have with you, but we can still have a great match just because of my veteranship and understanding of how things go but, I have no interest in rehashing the Nation of Domination and while I do wanna present myself and Bobby and Shelton as strong black role models, successful, were businessmen.

Were not trying to make a statement on race. Were trying to just make a statement, and in our case, what were trying to do, its not about black or white, its about gold and green, and at that point, I love the fact that there are young men of color that can watch us and go, Oh, I wanna be like them because when I was a kid, I used to wanna be like Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas. Man, when I grow up, I wanna look like that. I wanna be like them.
(quotes courtesy of's Andrew Thompson)

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