Bischoff talks about what is wrong with WWE commentary
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/29/2020 at 04:01 PM

During his recent 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed the commentary work in WWE:

ďI donít think you can judge play by play or color commentary for that matter in WWE and assign that judgment to the individual who is performing. Michael Cole is heavily produced. He is doing what he is asked to do. He is obviously doing it very well because heís been in that position a long time. He is delivering exactly what the guy who signs his checks wants him to deliver. So I applaud him for doing that. Thatís your job. When you take that job, when you agree to do that job, you know what the rules are. You know what the process is. You know what the parameters are and you sign up for it. You do the best you can, and Cole does that. Now, do I agree with that approach to play by play? I said it 100 times and Iíll say it 100 more times, absolutely not. I think play by play is one of the missing ingredients in WWE, not so much in AEW. I feel strongly about J.R. and Tony as a team. Part of that is because of my relationship with them and having worked with themÖPlay by play is a different art form. I love hearing traditional play by play. Tell me whatís going on. Describe to me whatís going on in a way as if Iím blind. Paint that picture for me in my mind. It enhances people who donít have sight issues when you describe it that way because you are creating a sense of being there and seeing it live, even though you are watching it on TV, you feel like you are in the venue. The way WWE produces their play by play approach doesnít provide that opportunity. I think that is seriously lacking. I think Michael Cole is doing an amazing job. On my very best day as a play by play announcer, I couldnít carry Michael Coleís bag to the arena. He has the ability. Heís just not produced in a way that we are allowed to see it.Ē (quotes courtesy of

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