Luke Gallows talks about Undertaker and the Boneyard match
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/29/2020 at 01:55 PM

In an interview with, Luke Gallows talked about the Boneyard match from Wresltemania 36 and if he thinks The Undertaker will wrestle again:

"After seeing him there and how tough and hard he is, he definitely has one more in him. Early on in the shoot he goes to throw that back fist and his arm goes through the friggin' window. It's a lacerations, there's tendon and blood and a lot of swelling. If it was somebody else, they might have stopped that and there might have been serious medical attention but there wasn't. He wrapped it with a towel, took a 10 second break and he's back out there fighting and rolling around in the dirt. He's a bad ass dude; I watched it with my own two eyes. As far as that goes [with Undertaker having another match], in the right setting I think yeah."

"I think it was great for those two to do it in that setting because you can't have WrestleMania with AJ Styles and The Undertaker in an empty Performance Center. That's a match that deserves the crowd reaction that it would get. I said that at Slammiversary too. As much fun as Slammiversary was and as great as it was and as cool as it was and I think it was a big shot in the arm, but the only thing missing was when that Motor City Machine Guns graphic showed up at the beginning of the PPV, it would have been a hell of a pop. I told those guys it was a shame they didn't get to get that pop. It will be fun when the world opens up again to feel those reactions. The Boneyard Match was them doing the best they could do with what they had as a resource at the time. Creatively, it was where to go and what to do. But I think that probably AJ would like to give Taker that match with a big crowd and a big reaction. I know that."

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