EC3 talks about meetings he had with Vince McMahon
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During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, former WWE star EC3 commented on the end of his WWE run:

ďI think I had people in my corner but nobody that would openly step up because everyone is job scared and apprehensive. No one wants to rock the boat. They would say, man I canít believe they donít let you talk. Well, they are in production meetings. They can say something. Iíve had one on ones with Vince [McMahon]. Iíve been through the wait four hours in the hallway and they were always good and productive. He saw me for what I am. I look good, work good, but Iím not the workhorse. He doesnít make money off those guys. He makes money off guys with charisma which I have. I have natural ability. Whatever promo he saw of me, he saw one promo and thought it was over the top. Well, that was one, and you know I can always scale it back. Yea, but I just think itís funny you donít talk. Well, itís only killing me inside but itís your show. Yea, so there were those meetings and you feel good walking out of them but then nothing ever happens from them. I pitched him a bunch of different things. Thereís a video I shot with Drake Maverick and we think this will be great. Ha, I love it! Thatís great and then it never happens. After a while, you become desensitized and I will take accountability that I stopped caring because nothing mattered. So, Iím totally to blame for nothing towards the end from happening besides the fact I was out with a concussion, but, it all worked out, I guess, how it should.Ē (quotes courtesy of

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