How Vickie Guerrero landed her new role in AEW
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During her recent podcast, Vickie Guerrero talked about how she ended up becoming Nyla Rose's manager in AEW:

ďI think it was me being on the cruise (Chris Jericho Cruise). You see the wrestling fans and the shows every night. Me being from where Iíve been, WWE, your brain starts ticking and you get ideas. Interviewing the women, most of them were babies at the time except Penelope. We had ref Aubree on the panel. They all had their own storyline going. But, I looked at Nyla during the podcast and I thought, man, she would be so much fun to manage. Despite mentioning it, and of course, she liked the idea, we teased the crowd on the cruise. Of course, it had to go back to AEW and people had to discuss this. But, that was my dream. I said, well God, if this is going to happen then itís meant to be and if no, then itís ok. Thatís the superstar in me. Iím always thinking about storylines and who is going to face who. Now, my dream came true. Nyla and I have some really cool ideas and plan out for our storylines. There are a lot of women in AEW we are going to target and that will be the fun part of it.Ē

ďI donít want to be the same character that was at WWE coming into AEW. Itís time for me to reinvent myself. I have a new roster and a new playground that will excite me to interact with the different people on the roster. I think thatís going to have me enjoy this a lot more. I forgot how exciting and the love I have for inside the ring, just with how gracious Tony Khan was. All the staff and coaches were so welcoming me coming in. It has been a fun ride. I canít wait for the next time Iím out there.Ē
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