Ex-WWE star talks about why he can't watch anymore
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/25/2020 at 06:00 PM

In an interview with, former WWE star Rico Constantino commented on why he can't watch WWE television anymore:

ďI think thereís a lot neglected in WWE, especially right now. I canít watch the product. I canít watch it at all, especially now. Itís not like a boxing match or an MMA fight, or a football game, or basketball. They donít need fans in the stands, itís good to have fans in the stands, but they compete. You can have football go without fans in the stands. They are still going to play, players are going to play their hearts out. They are doing what they do best. Unfortunately, wrestling needs that fan interaction. The thing I cannot take is when the guy comes out and he gets on the turnbuckle and lifts the belt, to who? Come on guys. Please. Rey Mysterioís going to wrestle, you both come out and wrestle, just do what you do. And youíre pulling people from the Performance Center? Thatís sad to me.Ē

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