Colt Cabana opens up about his run with WWE
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Colt Cabana recently appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast and here are the highlights...

Taking a pay cut to work at WWE: 的 was doing the life of an independent wrestler who didn稚 need a job, you know? At 23, I was able to quit my job as a teaching assistant and do this full-time on very little money, but enough money that it値l get me by so I could do it full-time and I can chase my dream. I said to myself, 選知 gonna do this and when I知 30, if nothing痴 happening, then I値l go and get my teaching degree. But I知 giving myself till 30 to at least do something, figure out something.

鄭nd you know, luckily not even at 26 or 27, when I signed my WWE contract. Because even before then, I was doing great. I was doing wonderful. I actually took a 50% pay decrease to wrestle for the WWE when I signed my contract, but I said to myself, 禅his is an investment in my future. There痴 only so much you can make on the independent scene. Yes I知 taking a 50% decrease, but the possibilities to be a millionaire are there. And so that痴 the gamble I知 willing to take.'

Scotty Goldman name: 的 tried to show up and be Colt Cabana. My name was quickly changed. At that point, they were changing a lot of people痴 names. I got a couple stories of where Goldman came from. I heard Vince was like, 選s he really Jewish? And they were like, 塑eah, I guess. And so, 羨ll right, Goldman. I don稚 know why Scotty. I mean, I know why Scotty, but I don稚 know why that was the name.

His WWE debut: 鄭nd Scotty Goldman appeared, losing his debut match to Brian Kendrick in under 2 minutes as a platform for Brian Kendrick to move into a match against Triple H, I think. And so, you know, that was the spot I was given. Maybe other people will succeed in that manner, who knows? You know, the next match it was me and Kung Funaki vs. Kozlov in a handicap match. And again, that was the spot I was given. You know, I was happy to do it. But you know, in my head that痴 not how you debut wrestlers or ones that you think highly of. And that痴, I think of think how I was thought of.
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