Jim Ross and Taz shoot on WWE's NXT show
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During AEW's post-Dynamite live stream, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on the AEW vs. NXT Wednesday night war:

ďWe got so many young guys who are evolving before our eyes, this is going to sound real ass-kissing, but why is there even a choice on Wednesday nightís, DVR NXT, watch it later, our shitís better! Iím proud of being able to say that, itís not in defiance, itís just in reality.Ē

Taz also addressed NXT:

ďI donít remember the last time I even watched their show, thatís no bullshit. I really donít give a rats ass about it! I respect the men and women there, that are bumping and working. Iím so locked in to what we do, I donít give a rats ass.Ē

ďThere it is again AEW complaining about WWE, no dumb shits, what weíre doing is not insulting your intelligence, and weíre acknowledging WWE. They are the oneís insulting your intelligence!Ē
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You can check out all of the comments in the video below:

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