Riddle issues new statement regarding accusations
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/08/2020 at 01:04 PM

Matt Riddle published a video on Twitter and has once again denied accusations of sexual assault:

ďThat includes Samantha Tavel, Candy Cartwright. I never sexually assaulted you. The story about that van trip, and the driver being asleep, and me forcing you to do stuff, and hop on, whatever, is a complete lie. Itís a fabricated story because youíre still mad.Ē

ďYes, youíre right. We had an affair. You have plenty of evidence of that,Ē he continued. ďAnd you know what? I never denied it. Because it happened. Do I want to talk about it? Do I want really want to share about it? No. Itís embarrassing. Because I feel like a real piece of crap cheating on my wife and doing that. And now having to talk about it publicly. But, I have too.Ē

ďWe had a relationship. We had a fling. I started to get sad and depressed because I was lying to my wife so much to hide what I was doing. I was lying to all my friends because I didnít want anybody to know. Because itís not something cool. I didnít want to brag about it. I tried to end it. I told my wife about you and us. I tried to end it. I blocked you. I blocked your social media. You then started using messaging apps and you kept coming. I blocked those. I got a new number. You got my new number and kept messaging me.Ē

ďAt this point you have to realize, if you donít think youíre stalking me, or harassing me, youíre crazy,Ē he adds. ďAnd if youíre at home and you donít think thatís harassment, youíre crazy. At the end of the day, Iím not perfect. We did have an affair. And Iím not happy about that. But, I never sexually abused anybody. I never sexually assaulted anybody. And when I wanted to get out of this relationship, out of this situation, she said no and she kept pursuing me and harassing me and stalking me. And then, when she didnít get her way, she used the #SpeakingOut movement to try and ruin my career.Ē
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