Omega talks about the pressure to have 'six-star' matches
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 07/05/2020 at 02:19 PM

Kenny Omega recently did an interview with Nir Regev and here is an excerpt:

Regev: When you received that 6-star rating from Dave Meltzer for your match against Kazuchika Okada in NJPWÖ Did you feel that put more pressure on you to have to deliver every time? Does it serve as motivation? I remember Steve Austin commenting on his podcast that he went to check out your match because of that Meltzer rating.

Omega: "Yeah, I mean itís a double edged sword really because when you set that standard, that precedent that you can have a six star matchÖ For some people thereís an expectation that, ĎOh, if I see Kenny Omega, this is what I expect and hope to see!í And thereís a lot of variables that go into making a 6-star match. Now, Iíve had I think four or five matches that have went over 6-stars or 6 and over. Iíve had more than that go over 5 stars. But I never feel the pressure to have to deliver what one critic deems over a 5-star match.

What Iím trying to do is just diversify my resume, I never want to have to give what in one personís mind is a 6-star match. That 6-star match to him isnít necessarily what I think is a 6-star match. It isnít necessarily what my neighbor that was beside me thinks is a 6-star match. Itís not what little Jimmy who lives across the world and generally likes watching Sailor Moon, maybe he doesnít consider that a 6-star match. Iím trying to always have performances that can appeal to all sorts of different people, from all walks of life.

I think as long as there is somebody in the world, that looks at one of my performances and considers it time not wasted. Or one of the best things that theyíve seen, I feel like my job is complete. So, yes thereís pressure to always give a performance that I think merits somebodyís interest and high praise. But it doesnít necessarily have to be that one personís praise."

Click here for the full interview.

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