Shelly Martinez talks about her issues with Joey Ryan
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During her recent Shelly Live on VOC Nation podcast, former WWE star Shelly Martinez talked about her issues with Joey Ryan:

"There was a time that I was cool with Joey Ryan. There was a time that he asked my sister out on a date. I think they went out once, and then there was this rumor that he slept with her. I was like, 'dude, what the hell is wrong with Joey; he did not sleep with her, why is he saying that?' Then when I confronted him, he denied it."

"So fast forward, I had some friends that had been involved with Joey, and they shared with me some things. There have been times that I've told Joey to his face why I didn't like him. Even though the things he did to the people I knew that were involved with him, it was never forcing himself on them kind of thing."

"It was just some other things that truly told me something about his character, or lack thereof. But the common denominator I saw was when he would try to apologize for his actions, his excuses, in particular his divorce, you can't be using your divorce as an excuse to treat women that way. That's just not how it works. That's how I knew immediately what people were saying was 1000% true."

"I really hope that people who have been hurt by him, his lies and deceit but held on because they felt like they had some kind of special connection with him, I hope they can now see that that's just part of his schtick. And it wasn't that deep, so that they can let go of that and move forward and not be affected by his energy anymore."
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