Big E addresses the positive Covid-19 results in WWE
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/29/2020 at 01:41 PM

In an interview with The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp, Big E gave his thoughts on the recent positive Covid-19 test results in WWE:

ďWell, it definitely changed our shooting schedule that week so when we heard about the positive test with an NXT talent if we were supposed to tape on that day but then I think the day it came out but the next day we actually did tape that day then the next day we found on that evening the next day we had to stop the taping. We all got tested. We did the nasal swab for coronavirus which I kind of heard some horror stories and itís not great, donít get me wrong not quite as bad as I thought but not great either.

We had all that tested that day and then if you were negative then you were allowed to tape again the next day so itís definitely caused a shift in the way we do things and tape again. I think there may be some more testing moving forward which is honestly like what we should be doing.Ē

ďI think you have to consider what your individual case is the people youíre around. I think for those guys with families I definitely understand completely because you know it could devastate your family and that was like you know to do this to decide to wrestle to step into a ring. The fact that it could really negatively affect your familyís future is something, itís just I donít think itís worth the risk. For me, like I said I go home to no one so I kind of think thereís a certain risk with wrestling that Iíve accepted anyways for myself and thereís really no fear that Iím going to get anyone else sick not a family member and like that. So I have really minimal contact with anyone else outside of wrestling at all.

So itís kind of something that Iíve been more comfortable going back with especially now with more testing but I completely accept that you know there are people who are gonna say this is not right for me and my family and I think itís smart that they decide not to step in a ring.Ē

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