Big E talks about the #SpeakingOut movement
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/29/2020 at 01:31 PM

In an interview with The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp, Big E gave his thoughts on the #SpeakingOut movemvent:

ďSadly enough, I wasnít surprised. You hear some whispers or have an understanding of culture. I will say there wasnít any specific instance or a wrestler that I knew that I saw and that I had like covered up or there wasnít anything that I knew of and just shrugged my shoulders at. So, there wasnít anything that I was specifically aware of, but itís honestly really, really, really saddened me to see and disgusted me to see how prevalent this was. And, I have to give my like hats off to like a friend of mine actually was the one who started this off, Victoria. She was brave enough to tell her story about David Starr and this all came out and then she emboldened a lot of women and even men to come out and talk about some of the things that theyíve experienced Ė the way they were victimized in this industry. And I think too often, we as men, weíve shrugged our shoulders or weíve said, ah, sheís probably lying or weíve turned a blind eye to it. And we havenít given these victims the voice and the respect that they deserve. And I think our industry should no longer and can no longer tolerate whatís going on. We can no longer tolerate rape. We can no longer tolerate sexual harassment. We can no longer shrug our shoulders at the way women have been victimized in this industry. And, I hope these stories, I donít want to know that there are more stories or that, you know, I donít want that to be the case. I hope this is the end of it, but I hope every woman gets an opportunity to speak her voice Ė to be heard, to be respected, to not be dismissed. I hope, all of the people who are guilty of this, I hope theyíre eradicated from the business. I hope theyíre arrested. I hope theyíre imprisoned. I hope itís something that we never see. I hope itís a real turning point in our business, and I hope that women arenít persecuted. Iíve already seen a lot of horrible comments from people. You know, at a time I think we have a great fan base, but I think it can also at times, thereís a portion of it, that can be very toxic. I think the way it disrespects women, the way itís you know, condones abusers and rapists, I think is disgusting.

And I hope we continue, you know, the problem, I think one of the things that happens with a lot of these movements is that it causes a surge and then a week or so later, it can be forgotten. And I hope to God, thatís not the case. I hope this is not forgotten or if itís not, I hope we donít shrug our shoulders. I hope itís something that we continue to talk about, that we continue to clean up this industry, that we continue to eradicate abusers and rapists Ė that we get them all out of this business, that we have them prosecuted because itís something that no woman or man, no one should ever be victimized or, or have to endure. And seeing so many stories of kids, of people who are under age and who came into the wrestling business and wanted to learn or to train and were victimized. Itís really disgusting.

And I think, you know, as horrible as this year has been in many respects, I think the one silver lining is that people are actually listening.Ē

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