Woman's positive story about Sammy Guevara goes viral
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/26/2020 at 10:15 AM

After the news came out that Sammy Guevara was suspended by AEW over a rape joke made during a 2016 podcast, a woman with the Twitter handle @WrestlingMom19 published a positive story about Sammy Guevara which has since gone viral:

"My daughter had a rough 2018. It involved two week long stays at two different mental health facilities and honestly there was a point I didn't think she would push through. As a mom there's few things worse then having to beg your child to keep moving forward trying to teach them there are better days ahead and her only reply was 'I just dont want to live anaymore. I've never cried that much in my life. But we got on the right track.

She was home for a few months and I started seeing the depression make its way back. It was terrifying. Thinking if she began to harm herself again I'd have to check my baby into on of these hospitals and leave her. Hour long visits if your lucky, maybe some snacks and a crad game. But mostly just heartbreak as she clingings to you begging to go home and you have to say no, pry yourself away, and walk out the door hearing her cry and literally asking why she isn't good enough, and why I don't love her. She can't understand I'm making you stay because I love you. She sees it as me not wanting her. This child whos f***ing everything thinks I dont won't her. I couldn't handle that again so I ended up reaching out to Sammy and i told him "she had a hard year with some mental illness, i can see her slipping back into it". Thats all the info I gave him. In response this man sent her an almost 3 minute video clip letting her know she had to keep pushing through the bad days. That today might by bad but tomorrow can be different. We just have to be here to see it. Its was a sincere and heartfelt message and the parts the where typical "sammy humor" were designed to make her laugh. I guarantee the day he made the video for her it was cause he gave a shit what happened to this 12 year old fan he's never even met. .and it still bring tears to my eyes.

She still has that video and I still watch it from time to time. Say what you want about Sammy. He said a f***ed up thing. I won't even call it a joke cause it isn't funny. But this is the sammg I grew to love. The sammy that would put his whole heart into a 3 minute video and tell my daughter 'your mom loves you, we need you in the world, keep moving forwards.' He has a huge part in saving her life.

Take your break Sammy and get your mind right. We respect you and know you'll come back with a healthy mindset and ready to go. For what you did for my daughter you've more then earned a 2nd chance with me. You helped me in a way every else tried but couldn't. You said it in a way she would listen. I am forever grateful!"

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