Ric Flair comments on Charlotte taking a break from WWE
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/24/2020 at 07:30 AM

In an interview with, Ric Flair commented on Charlotte Flair taking a break from WWE and mentioned that she has opportunities outside of wrestling:

"I know she has a TV series looking at her and she's got fitness people wanting to do work with her. I hope that she takes as long as she wants off so that all these people that can fill her shoes and do that every night have the opportunity and God bless that thought."

"Hey, somebody else come along and see what you got. To all the people I'm holding back, have at it. I'm serious – if I were her then I would say that. I would say, 'Stick it.' I'm so mad about that – one mark after another, 'We're tired of seeing her.' Good, watch her on TV in another event. She's a millionaire – she can do what she wants to do. And she's a millionaire because of the company; there you go."

I know she's the biggest star, but she's the best wrestler too! You know what I mean? I swear to God, it makes me so damn mad," said Flair. "These people say, 'Oh, you're holding back…' Okay. Well, you know what? The only way to find out who we're holding back as turn it over to them. I'll give you the list of names they keep running by me that the media keeps bringing up – give it to them. Let's see them stick a moonsault every night. Let's see them do a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope onto five people. Give them a great match – not a good match – every time out."

"Come on, name the five women that could do that. Name the two. I just named the one."

"This is another point that people don't listen – Trish Stratus wanted to come back, right? If Trish was the greatest and arguably she could have been. It would be her or Lita – that'd be pretty much a two-person conversation from what I'm told or what I remember in terms of wrestling skills. If Trish wants to wrestle Charlotte, why didn't she ask for 30 other girls."

"You know why? Because she wanted to wrestle the best. I can't do what Shawn [Michaels] did. You know what I mean? And neither could Randy. My favorite saying of Randy is, 'If he can't give it, he can take it.' You know what I mean? And they did everything. Sometimes a moonsault is the difference. Sometimes a suplex off the top. Sometimes it's expression, looks, timing. There's so much and for her to cram all this into six years, this month, and to be criticized for being great? Give me a break. Jesus!"

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