Booker T addresses the end of WWE Backstage
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During his recent podcast, Booker T commented on WWE Backstage no longer being a weekly series on FS1:

“First and foremost, I want to thank everybody on my crew, my FOX family crew for making that thing work for eight months. I think we did it, and it was an awesome eight months, and hopefully, now the project is gonna be a little different, hopefully it’ll be going to something digital, we don’t know yet, we’re just waiting in a holding pattern right now, but I just want to thank everybody who had something to do with that show and everybody that made it possible for me to actually go out there and do what I love which is just talking and having fun, more than anything.”

“A show like that is something I think is needed, to be able to deliver that side, the insight, the stuff I did last week with Bret Hart, it really touched me because I never knew that Bret Hart, if he had a chance to do it all over again, he would have said, ‘Man, I would have stayed here in the WWE.’ Stories like that, for people to be able to hear, up close and personal, from someone like myself, and Bret, who was in the game, I thought it brought something different to the table.”

“Of course I wish we could have done things a little bit differently at certain times, and some things I wouldn’t change at all, like all those suckers I ripped up in promo school. I’m not gonna miss any of that right there, I wouldn’t have changed any of that part of the show, but ya know, I always thought about the view and the format of the view and how those guys on the view pretty much talked about everything, and hopefully it’s a show that can spawn off to a show like that because I always say, to be able to talk about a little bit of everything, to be able to talk about every one of these independent wrestling groups that are out there right now.”
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