Sami Zayn speaks out against police brutality
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/03/2020 at 06:46 PM

Sami Zayn issued the following statement on Twitter:

"Nothing happens in a vacuum.

It is alarming, to put it mildly, to see the militarization of police and increased brutality as people take to the streets demanding racial justice. And yes, in some instances protests have gotten violent. I know some are concerned about opportunists causing property damage, looting, and innocent people getting hurt (but are strangely apathetic when governments and multi-national corporations commit much larger scale theft, violence, and murder, but thatís another talk for another day).

However, you can not just be angry at what we are seeing today without being twice as angry at what caused all of this.

Ask yourself, how did we get to this point? I promise the answers youíll find are far more upsetting than anything you see on the news tonight.

Things need to change. People are being pushed to the brink on all fronts, when it comes to the racial, economic, social, and ecological injustices that have been carried out at a breakneck pace over the past decades, and they canít take much more.

My only hope is that perhaps this chaos forces us, on an individual and a societal level, to really confront these issues and implement real changes going forward.

Much love to you all."

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