CM Punk says that white people need to start listening
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 06/03/2020 at 08:25 AM

During an appearance on WWE Backstage, CM Punk gave his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement:

ďIím here to tell the white people that you need to listen to your black brothers and sisters and see where they are coming from. Itís hard to try to walk in somebodyís shoes or understand where they come from. This country, itís almost two Americas. When I get pulled over Iím worried Iím gonna get a ticket. I donít wanna live in a world where Mark [Henry] when your son gets pulled over heís afraid that heís gonna get murdered. Iím just here to tell white people that you need to shut up more and you certainly need to listen more. There is a problem and the paradox is the only way to deal with intolerance is with intolerance. If you are a white person youíre probably privileged.Ē

ďUse that privilege and support your black brothers and sisters especially now because we need it in a time when hatred is stoked at the highest level and I donít like things I see. I do what I can to stop it. I think Iím hopefully using my voice for good. Fascism and racism cannot win. If youíre struggling for a way to help then the easiest way to help is to combat that intolerance with intolerance.Ē

ďThereís no room for it and how I relate that to myself even though none of this is truly about me ó the first tattoo I ever saw in my life was a number on my grandfatherís arm. He rode horseback toward Nazi Panzer tanks and now we live in a world where the president says that Nazis are Ďvery fine peopleí and you canít walk that back and you canít tell me he meant something different. If youíre white use your voice protect your black brothers and sisters.Ē
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