UFC fighter speaks out about his beef with Drew McIntyre
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During an appearance on Ariel Helwaniís MMA Show, UFC fighter Colby Covington gave his thoughts on Drew McIntyre and here are the highlights courtesy of

ďAriel, Iím always honest with you. I promise you Iím always 100 percent honest with you. Thereís no CNN fake news going on. Drew McIntyre is gonna get his ass whopped so bad. I canít tell you what Iím gonna do.Ē

ďDude, what the beef is is I go over there and express my interest and, ĎHey, I want to go wrestle in the WWE. I want to wrestle the best wrestler in the company, Drew McIntyre. This big, Scottish Sasquatch.í You know, he just beat Brock Lesnar. Heís got all the hype. Heís this big bad boy. And he comes at me from this angle, ĎYo, letís f***ing fight.í Iím like, ĎWhat? You want to fight me?í And then heís talking like he wants to fight in a bar fight, and this and that. Heís seven-foot tall. Dude, Drew McIntyre, youíre seven-foot tall, but when youíre on your back, youíre not gonna be seven-foot tall. Iím gonna be slapping you up and throw a brick through your head.Ē

ďOh dude, Ariel, Drew McIntyre did not only disrespect me, he crossed a line. If I see that guy ó and letís be honest, weíre in quarantine. So, itís kind of hard to find people. Like normally, I can find people. Everybody knows that. When I wanted to find Dana White, I went and found him. I went to the blackjack table at the Palm, and I confronted him about losing my title shot. Drew McIntyre, heís lucky itís quarantine right now. Itís hard to find people. I donít know where anybody is going to be. I donít know whatís going on in the world because the worldís not right. But I promise you, when things get back to normal, Iím gonna go find Drew McIntyre, Iím gonna hunt him down, and Iím gonna take his soul out of his body.Ē

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