Styles talks about Nakamura match being disappointing
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During an appearance on After The Bell, AJ Styles talked about the match against Shinsuke Nakamaura at Wrestlemania 34 being a disappointment:

"Expectations are way too high," Styles thought. "I know Nakamura [thought so] too because no matter what we would have done in that match, the expectations were way too high. Here's what a lot of people don't understand. Crowd, fans, the WWE Universe, New Japan and all that stuff, their fans are everything. They're everything. They set the tone on what is a great match."

"It's how they respond to it, and in Japan, they're so respectful. When they do respond, it's huge. Wow, this is such an amazing match, but had that same match been done in a WWE ring without the same response, it's not going to be declared as that great of a match. Fans are everything. They dictate a great match. It's just the reality and the truth of the whole thing, and a lot of people don't understand. The expectations, they were so high because what we did at Wrestle Kingdom. I was like, 'oh man.' I still think it was a great match."
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