Apollo Crews talks about being frustrated with his spot
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/30/2020 at 03:29 PM

In an interview with, new United States champion Apollo Crews talked about being frustrated with his spot in WWE over the past few years:

"Iím always thinking, what can we do to take the next step? Or how can I connect with the fans better? Because they havenít got to see me in certain situations. All theyíve known with me is this guy who smiles, who does cool flips and heís strong. So for me now, itís like, how can I connect with the fans? Iím trying to think on a different level from this guy who does cool stuff. As dope as that is, itís hard to relate to.í

"On one side, I lost my motivation, but on the second, I know my worth. I know how good I am. I know if I stick to my beliefs, my discipline, and just go out there and grind, it has to be noticed. It has to pay off!"

In the interview, Crew credited Paul Heyman for his career resurgence. Click here for the full interview.

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