Russo explains what WWE is doing wrong with McIntyre
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/22/2020 at 08:23 AM

During an appearance on the AfterBuzz TV podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo discussed how WWE Champion Drew McIntyre's character is being portrayed:

ďI love Drew, Iíve had Drew on my show, Iím a big Drew fan. Bro, when Iím sitting here watching Drew cut that promo, Iím watching it and Iím like, he doesnít know who he is. Heís trying to be funny, then heís serious, itís not coming across genuine. So thatís telling me, the writer has not tapped into who Drew McIntyre is. And that promo is coming across as very non-sincere, and itís hurting his character, and I can see that just by looking at it that, bro, thatís not who he is. Thatís not what he would say. This is coming across very, very forced.Ē

ďHeís gotta stand up for his character. You know, Drew McIntyreís brand only belongs to Drew McIntyre. Thereís going to come a point where Drew McIntyre is not working for the WWE, so Drew McIntyre is a brand. Heís got to protect that brand. If something isnít right, if something doesnít feel right, he has to say something. The key is, how does he say it? Guys, I had every wrestler not like something I wrote, but bro, if you came at me with, ĎOh bro, this shit sucks,í we ainít gonna have much of a conversation. But if youíre coming to me like The Rock did this all the time, ĎVince, I read this script, I know what youíre after, I like it, but if we did it this way,í bro, 100% of the time, Iím going with that.Ē

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