WWE removed a few stories from the Bella Twins' book
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/21/2020 at 08:33 AM

Nikki Bella recently appeared on the Sunday Nightís Main Event podcast to discuss her and Brie's new autobiography and here are the highlights courtesy of

On if knowing John Cena had final editing rights over anything in her book that mentioned him impacted the way she wrote about him: ďOf course, it definitely, writing it, did that stuff cross my mind? It did. And there was never anything bad I wanted to say about John, John and I had a beautiful relationship. Did we have struggles? Yes. Will anyone ever know about them? No. Itís just something that, at least my therapist and I know about and I get through and I have gotten through, but overall we did have such a beautiful relationship. WWE also had editing rights and took out a few stories as well, and I respect that.Ē

On the parts of the book that was edited with Cena: ďI understand that Iím not a private person and some people like to be private. But even with the stuff that was edited with John, there was nothing crazy bad. I just wish I was able to talk more about why I ended up where I ended up. I still feel like people will always wonder that, and I think itís because we put our relationship out there on reality TV for five, six years, so I wanted to tell that story, but yeah.Ē

On if she will ever return to the WWE to wrestle: ďFor me, unfortunately as of now, Iím never allowed to wrestle again because of my neck, and thatís always sad to me, but I love the WWE Universe, I love wrestling, I love everything it brings, the entertainment aspect. So the good thing is, you could always be General Manager, I could always be Brieís sidekick and come cause some trouble. I would still love to do more stuff with WWE in the future. Itís home for us, itís what we love, weíre passionate about it.Ē

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