How Rhea Ripely felt about her Wrestlemania 36 match
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/20/2020 at 03:51 PM

In an interview with Mike Johnson of, Rhea Ripley commented on her match against Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania 36:

ďI absolutely loved it. I enjoyed it thoroughly, even though it was super weird with no crowd. And it was the first time that I had competed or just come out in front of no crowd. It was super strange, but at the same time, like Wrestlemania is Wrestlemania and it was still a huge moment for me in my career; to be able to share that and share the ring was no one other than Charlotte Flair was just incredible. To have so much praise on that match after we did it, it was just insane to think that Iím 23 years old, Iíve been wrestling for eight years and I was just on Wrestlemania. Everyone telling me that I just absolutely killed it. Man, it was definitely a confidence boost. And I was so happy that I legit, like I donít cry, but I cried. I sat down and I teared up. I was just sobbing. Itís just like an overwhelming feeling of just pride and stress just being lifted, but it was amazing.Ē

Ripley also commented on the Covid-19 pandemic:

ďItís very sad. Iím a huge family person. I love having my mom, my dad, and my sister around. I love having all my friends around from Australia and I really, really do miss them, and itís sad. Especially knowing that for WrestleMania, they were supposed to be in the crowd watching me. And then I had to go home and do my visa, which is nowÖ I have to do it from here somehow. And then my sister was coming back to do a camp that I donít remember what it was called, but a camp. I was supposed to spend a lot of time with them and knowing that I wonít get to see them for a lot longer now itís sad because I havenít seen them since I want to say Christmas, and itís too long for me. I miss my family. FaceTime can only do so much. I want to give him a hug. I want to spend time with them. So I was talking to my mom and she was saying that possibly Australia might not open up its border for like two years. And Iím like, thatís so long for me.Ē

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