Latest regarding the Sting to AEW rumors
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/20/2020 at 03:40 PM

During an appearance on Sunday Nightís Main Event Podcast, Dave Meltzer of discussed the rumors and speculation that Sting could be joining AEW:

"Obviously heís got no relationship with WWE which really surprised me because itís one of those guys I didnít think would have no relations with. I mean technically right now Ric Flair is the same way. Ric Flairís a free agent."

"But with Sting, Iíve got to think there is smoke to the fire, number one, because heís tweeting about AEW, and Stingís not going to do that because heís not paying attention to anything unless heís got an interest in it, and that theyíre kind of acknowledging it, and also, when I ask about it, I get no answer. If there was nothing to it, Iím sure they would say thereís nothing to it. So I think thereís something to it. If they already have a deal, theyíre going to announce it on their terms because sometimes theyíll wait a couple of weeks. And if they donít have a deal, itís probably something theyíre at least contemplating."

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